Got Questions?

Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked queries, so you can be informed and plan the trip of a lifetime.

  • When is the best time to come?

    Our highest number of fish per boat normally occurs in the first half of our season. The ‘nicest’ weather seems to occur during July, with August seeing us catch our heaviest Northern Pike of the season.

  • I’d like to learn how to fly fish. Can you teach me?

    Absolutely! Our guides are very well-versed in teaching guests the basics of fly-casting and fishing. A ‘Fly Fishing 101’ class is given one evening per trip. These pike are voracious feeders and readily attack the fly. For advanced anglers, specific techniques can be worked on and improved.

  • Can I bring fish home?

    We have practiced a strict catch-and-release policy for 30 years. The only exception is your daily shore lunch provided by your guide from the fish you caught that day.

  • Are gratuities customary?

    Like most lodges, gratuities should be awarded on the merits of the service provided. For exceptional service, it is customary to tip the guides and shore staff at the end of your stay. We recommend 10-12% of the package price per angler.

  • When does the fishing season begin?

    Our schedule is based on four days of fishing. Beginning with our first charter flight into the lodge on June 9th through the last trip in on August 17th, our plane arrives every four days.

  • What is your cancellation policy?  

    Please contact us for details on deposit and cancellation policies. Notice of cancellation must be given in writing.

  • What weather conditions can I expect?

    June brings the spring thaw as we watch the ice leave the big lake. Average temps range from high 70s °F during the day to low 40s °F in the evening. July has daytime averages of 75 °F to evening low at 55 °F average with extremes only at 85 °F! The August fishing temps are mid 70s °F to high 40s °F in the evening.

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