Trip 2: June 13 – June 16, 2024


The last four days have been awesome. The weather was great and then turned cool and windy. We were still able to connect with the northerns and lakers that have remained shallow during this prolonged Spring. Yes, it’s the 2nd week in June and we are still calling it Spring!

Connecting with the fish isn’t the only thing we’ve accomplished.

The Lodge has always been a place where one can meet intriguing people from all over the world. But regularly we have some unique connections amongst our guests.

Friendships that are several decades long, now find themselves meeting here yearly. Fraternity brothers finally making time for each other and old friends who live thousands of miles apart re-connect by fate on the same trip.

The weather is giving us prolonged spring with cool water temperatures keeping the lake trout in places we don’t find them on warmer years. What a great set of circumstances we find ourselves in with trophy pike and lake trout in the same bays. Life is good.