Trip 4: June 21 – June 24, 2024

Being able to pivot.

With our extended Spring weather, the challenges of fishing tactics during the day can be comical. As you can see from the photo gallery below, you will see a mix of all species.

The ability to pivot between species easily is handy. With water temps still cool, the lake trout are still in our bays right along with the northern pike. Something that doesn’t happen all of the time depending on how warm of weather we get early. I know it sounds weird that we call it Spring during mid-June, but that’s exactly what it compares to down south.

Northern pike, lake trout, walleye and arctic grayling make up our Grand Slam. What a special fishery this is. Who knows what the next cast will bring.

This year has been full of those types of blessings.

We never know what lies ahead, we just have to be ready to pivot on to the next opportunity.